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Sherlock is a British-American crime drama television series based on the Sherlock Holmes detective stories written by Sir Author Canon Doyle. Sherlock is created by Mark Gatiss and Steven Moffat, and is written by Mark Gatiss, Steven Moffat and Stephen Thompson. It stars Benedict Cumberbatch as Sherlock Holmes and Martin Freeman as John Watson. Sherlock was first released 25 July 2010 with the first season consisting of 3 episodes, with a total running time of 265 minutes. The second season was released 1st January 2012, the third season was released 1 January 2014 and the 4th season is to be released in 2017. It is a co-production between BBC and WGBH. Sherlock is a television crime drama based on the two main characters Sherlock Holmes who is a sociopath can know someones life story just by looking at them and can also solves crimes by looking, feeling, and sniffing people to find clues on why they are here, where they are form and what happened. He is also a recovering drug addict. John Watson is an ex royal army medical corps from the Afghanistan War who has a bad leg from post-traumatic stress from the war. He also misses all the danger and killing that he was around in Afghanistan. Sherlock and John go around London solving murder based crimes that the police can’t solve and their friendship gets stronger and stronger sometimes being referred to as a couple. After Sherlock and John solve each case John makes a blog about the case and soon Sherlock becomes a hit celebrity and the media want to report on his cases. Sherlock is a guy who everybody thinks is weird and wouldn’t be a good friend, some also think they half the time it’s Sherlock who is killing the people that he solves because he is a sociopath and gets bored sometimes. Sherlock and John Watson have also been referred on numerous occasions as a couple. Many issues have been presented in Sherlock that relate to the real world and these issues include Crime and Mental Health. Season 1 had a score of 85/100 while season two scored the highest of the three season with a rating of 91/100 and season 3 scoring a rating of 88/100. The first episode ‘study in pink’ had the highest overnight view count of 7.5 million, whereas the first episode of season three had an overnight view count of 12.72 million people and a season average of 11.82 million people. This became UK’s most watched drama series since 2001. In 2011 at the BAFTA awards Sherlock as a whole show won the best drama series. While Freeman (as Dr Watson) won best supporting actress and Cumberbatch was nominated for best actress. While the show has also been nominated for the Emmys and the Golden Globe. The first intentions were to make six 60 minute episodes for the first series, the first version of the pilot was said to cost around 800 000 pound and was then lead to rumours around the BBC and media that Sherlock was at risk of being an absolute disaster. The BBC decided not to release the pilot and to reshoot it, and requested for a reshoot and to make three 90 minute episodes. The new modern Sherlock still kept some things the same, such as the baker street address and Sherlock adversary Moriarty. Other things that stayed the same but where made to fit the present day were things like Watson returned from Afghanistan in the present movie but in the original story he returned from the second Anglo-afghan war. Sherlock was a successful television show because of the way they filmed the movie and the conventions they used to make the show interesting. They also used cliff hangers (for example the last episode of season 1) to make the viewers curios of what’s going to happen so they want to watch keep watching to find out. The way the Gatiss and Moffatt made Sherlock as a weird and different person is what made the TV show so interesting and different.


There are many issues presented in Sherlock but the two issues that stand out are Crime and Mental Health. Crime has been presented by the police squad and Sherlock Holmes. In Sherlock we discover that the police squad can’t do their job because they can’t solve murders and unusual cases, so Detective Lestrard results to calling Sherlock Holmes to help them solve cases. This is presented in the scene where Sherlock arrives at the house where ‘the pink lady’ is and Lestrard says ‘I need you I’m desperate’ which indicates that the police can’t do their job and they need to resort to Sherlock. The viewers are encourage to respond negatively towards the issue of crime as it makes people look down on the police force because they can’t do their job and solve crimes so they have to resort to getting other people to help them.

Mental Health has been depicted by the character Sherlock Holmes because he is a sociopath. A sociopath is a person with a personality disorder manifesting itself in extreme antisocial attitudes and behaviour so in this case Sherlock is a sociopath because the like the murders and deaths. Mental health is a big issue in Sherlock because we can relate this back to our real world where a lot of people suffer from mental health.  This is been presented in the episode ‘the pink lady’ where Detectives Lestrards’ officer has told John Watson that Sherlock has no friends, he weird and he should stay away from him because he is a sociopath. I believe that this isn’t far because he may be a sociopath but he a human being who has feelings and he shouldn’t be judged because he has mental health issues. Even though John Watson was told this he didn’t judge Sherlock Holmes and left it and was still best friends with him.   


Sherlock Holmes

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Sherlock Holmes: Sherlock lives at 221B Baker Street London with his flat mate John Watson and is the only consulting detective in London. Sherlock is a sociopath who likes anything to do with deaths and murders. He normally gets invited to cases by detective Lestrard which makes Sherlock happy and excited because he gets a thrill from solving cases and he also “likes it, he gets off on it”. Sherlock also invites his new flatmate and friend John Watson with him. Sherlock likes solving bizarre and hard cases that the police can’t solve because he tries to prove to himself the he is cleverer than the perpetrator and the police, well everyone in fact. Sherlock likes to think all these cases are just a ‘game’ and without these cases to keep him occupied Sherlock would easily get bored and he would have to rely on putting nicotine patches on himself to keep his brain active. Sherlock is also a recovering drug attic, who previously used a lot of heroin. Sherlock uses his mind and brain to pick out the simplest, more bizarre details about a person to solve crimes, which is his biggest asset. He can also read someone’s life story, family problems just by looking at them and observing there hand gestures, posture, hand gestures, the clothes they wear etc. Sherlock is a dynamic superhero in a modern world, an arrogant, genius sleuth who speaks only the truth and it doesn’t matter to him if he hurts people’s feelings. In one of the episodes Sherlock says “she died ages ago why would she still be sad, this also depicts that Sherlock has no empathy for anything and his relationship with his brother is a competition. He speaks facts and never lies which could be why he has no friends and people mistake him and Watson as partners. Sherlock is a quick worker as shown in the scene with the ‘pink lady’ as detective Lestrard says ‘I’ll give you two minutes’ and in Sherlock cockiness voice he says “won’t need longer”.

John Watson


John Watson: John Watson is an ex Afghanistan doctor who is wanting a roommate. His old buddy introduces him to Sherlock Holmes who he shares a house with because he doesn’t have enough money to live in London after he got discharged from the army and had an army pensions but doesn’t receive enough money to have a house by himself. John suffers from post-traumatic stress on his left leg which he requires a walking stick for which later on we find out that it’s all in his head and he doesn’t actually need a walking stick. Watson misses the action and danger from the war which is why he joined Sherlock on the cases and his companion. He also implies that he misses the violence when Sherlock asked him if you wanted to join him and john replied with ‘oh god yes’. John is the perfect partner for Sherlock because he is use to the violence, knows how to defend himself and has trust issues which is perfect for criminals in the violent world. He also likes Sherlock even though most people don’t. Mrs Hudson suggests or thinks that john and Sherlock are dating when she says ‘there is a spare bedroom upstairs if you need it.’ In John and Sherlock’s ‘relationship’ john shows characteristics of him being the wife in the relationship because he is Loyal, Curious, Determined, Good cop (good cop bad cop), supportive, caring, helpful, passive, chatty (wife).

Detective Lestrard

Detective Lestrard is a detective for the police force in London. He retreats to Sherlock as he says that he is his last resort and there is nobody else he can go to. Lestrard values Sherlock’s opinion and the way he works as Lestrard says ‘I shouldn’t be letting you up in here’.  Lestrard values Sherlock’s opinion, while in the press conference Lestrard and the media get 3 texts saying ‘wrong’ and Lestrard tell them to ignore the texts even though he knows that Sherlock is right. Lestrard values his team but he knows he doesn’t have anyone who can solve cases like Sherlock that’s why he always calls him for help.

Molly Hooper

Molly Hooper is a 31 year old pathologist who works in the morgue at St Bartholomew's hospital. She tries really hard to get Sherlock to notice him by changing hair styles ,putting on lipstick and dressing up for him because she has a crush on Sherlock. She helps Sherlock with his case in 'The Blind Banker' by letting him see dead bodies of victims. In episode 3 Molly introduces Sherlock to her new boyfriend Jim and Sherlock instantly says 'gay' and molly listens to him and gets really offended which shows that molly want to be 'cool' and looks up to Sherlock and loves Sherlock a lot.




Running time

Air Date


A Study in Pink

88 minutes

25 July 2010

The Blind Banker

88 minutes

1 August 2010

The Great Game

89 minutes

8 August 2010


A Scandal in Belgravia

89 minutes

1 January 2012

The Hounds of Baskerville

88 minutes

8 January 2012

The Reichenbach Fall

88 minutes

15 January 2012


The Empty Hearse

86 minutes

1 January 2014

The Sign of Three

86 minutes

5 January 2014

His Last Vow

89 minutes

12 January 2014

'A Study In Pink'



John Watson is looking for a flatmate when his ex-soldier friend bumps into him and sets him up with Sherlock Holmes. Watson then moves into a flat on 221B Baker St London. The police can’t figure out these weird deaths that have been called ‘serial suicides’ that have been going on so they resort to going to Sherlock Holmes for help. When Sherlock arrives at the place where the ‘pink lady’ is lying dead he find ‘rache’ carved into the floor. Detectives think it is the German word for revenge but Sherlock believes it’s a person’s name. Sherlock finds splashes of mud on her leg, thrown up by the wheel of a suitcase, and deduces she is from out of town. The police found no suitcase with the body, but Sherlock searches for it later, finding it abandoned nearby. While this is going on, John Watson gets brought to an abandoned warehouse by someone to find it is Sherlock’s ‘arch enemy’. We later find out the he is in fact Sherlock’s brother. While this is going on Sherlock find the suitcase abandoned in a bin near the house. Sherlock and John go to a cafe to spy on the area of the death and find a cab that stops out the front. Sherlock and John then chase the cab and the stops the cab to find an innocent person there. John then gets over his injured leg which he realised there is nothing wrong with it. Sherlock then find out the murder was the cab driver who takes Sherlock to a school where he makes a deal with Sherlock.John follows Sherlock and the taxi driver and gets to the school where he can’t help Sherlock and resorts to shooting the taxi driver.

'The Blink Banker'


At the National Antiquities Museum, Chinese pottery expert Soo Lin Yao sees something frightening, and disappears. While this is happening Sherlock takes John to an international finance house where a break in has occurred where weird symbols have been spray painted onto a portrait of a banker. Sherlock realises that the symbols are meant for one man Edward Van Coon of the Hong Kong desk who doesn’t come in to work. Sherlock breaks into Van Coons apartment to find him lying there dead. When the police get brought in to investigate Detective Inspector Dimmock calls the death as a suicide but Sherlock sees it as a murder. Soon Journalist Brian Lukis was found dead inside his locked apartment. Sherlock and John then investigate into the murders and goes to a library where Lukis has been and found the same labels spray painted on the shelf as the ones in the finance house. John also finds a job as locum at a local surgery ran by Sarah Sawyer. Sherlock and John bother discover that both people murdered have both returned from china not long ago. John finds more symbols spray painted on a wall by the train tracks and took a photo of it to show Sherlock. They both have trouble decoding the message so they go to Soo Lin who tells them that the code is linked to the criminal gang ‘Black Lotus Tong’, of which she was once a member. Before she could fully decode the message her brother who is a gang member kills her. Sherlock then realises that both people killed were part of the gang smuggling valuable antiques into London and were killed because they stole something from the gang. Sherlock deciphers the code in time to save john and Sarah before they were killed.

'The Great Game'


John hears that there has been an explosion on Baker Street and rushes home to find Sherlock and Mycroft safe inside. Mycroft pressures Sherlock to investigate the murder of a MI6 agent and the disappearance of a flash drive that has importance defence plans. Sherlock refuses this offer and is then called to Scotland Yard to investigate a bombed flat that has a box inside it containing a pink phone similar to the one in the pink lady. This then leads Sherlock to a pair of shoes and then receives a call from an old terrified lady reading a message from a third partying saying that if he doesn’t solve this case in 12 hours then the vest she is wearing with explode by the bombs that are attached to her. While Sherlock is solving this case in the lab Molly introduces Sherlock to her new boyfriend Jim and Sherlock deduces that Jim is gay and molly walks out of the room. Sherlock traces these shoes back to a school boy who drowned in his pool and proves that the boy was poisoned before with botulinum via his eczema medication. Sherlock solves the crime and the lady is free. Sherlock then gets another 3 more calls about different situations, the second call was about solving the mystery of a missing man, and the third call was for Sherlock to was about a tv star who dies apparently from tetanus, even though Sherlock solved this one the speaker starts describing the voice of the person and she get detonated and her and 11 others die. The last investigation was a picture of the River Thames. While completing these mysteries Sherlock has been doing the MI6 case in secret and finds out that the agent that was murdered, his brother has the flash drive of the plans and accidently killed his brother. Sherlock uses the flash drive to lure Moriarty to himself but then John shows up wearing an explosive vest. Moriarty appears and turns out the he was Jim, Molly’s boyfriend. Moriarty then leaves the pool area and john and Sherlock take off the vest, then Moriarty returns and has multiple snipers aimed on Sherlock and john. Sherlock then uses his gun to aim at the vest, if he shoots it then both Sherlock and john would die and also moriarty and everybody else in the pool area.

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